Dental Implants FAQ

How long does a single implant procedure take?

The visit to place a single dental implant is about 1-11⁄2 hours long. Depending on the type of implant placed, a 15-20 minute visit may be necessary in 3-6 months to uncover the top of the implant and place a healing cap.

Will the implant procedure hurt?

Most single implants are placed using only local anesthetic. Sometimes oral sedation or nitrous oxide is used as an adjunct. When the anesthetic wears off, there will likely be some mild discomfort. Medication will be prescribed to control any discomfort you might experience. This procedure should not cause you to miss work, school, etc.

What is the cost of a single implant

The cost of a single implant will vary with the situation. However, your endodontist will ensure that this is discussed with you thoroughly before proceeding with any treatment.

How well do implants work?

Implants are highly predictable, with many studies reporting success rates well over 90%. While neither implants nor any other procedure is 100% predictable in your body, when performed correctly, implant placement is highly successful.

It is important to realize that if an implant fails, it is because your bone has not “attached” properly to the implant. In this case, the implant is removed and another one is placed, which almost always succeeds.

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